Enterprise Lighting is committed to fortifying our business and the services we provide:

Energy Audit: Conservation and energy savings are at the heart of our business. Our professional sales force will gladly make site visits to review the energy being consumed by your lighting systems, make recommendations, and provide payback analysis

Design Consultation: Enterprise employs numerous interior designers and others who simply have impeccably good taste! These associates are here to assist you with the selection of light fixtures for your project – be it a restaurant, hotel, corporate headquarters, retail space, or residence – we will show the latest trend or the classical solution.

Theatric Design: Enterprise is the only agency in Wisconsin to employ a full time Theater Specialist. We can provide you with design assistance for stage and house lighting, console dimming, and rigging. We are also willing to share with you our general knowledge of theatre construction.

How can we Help?

We're not just a manufacturers' rep! We've helped hundreds of businesses throughout Wisconsin choose the proper lighting solutions for their needs – let us help you!

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