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All Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

3G Lighting - Architectural Lighting

Acdc - The very best that LED design and technology has to offer

Acolyte - Complete Integrated LED Lighting Solutions

Advent - Architectural lighting innovations

ALM - Performance architectural lighting

American Green Technologies - High Quality Induction Lighting

Amerlux - a global leader in lighting, product innovation, manufacturing, and creative solutions

Ametrix - High Performance Asymmetric Lighting

ASL Lighting - Energy Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Auroralight - High Quality Landscape Lighting

Axis Lighting - Distinctive Linear And Recessed Lighting Systems

Barron Lighting Group - Commercial , Industrial, Life Safety, and Specialty

Baselite - RLM and Decorative Lighting

Birchwood Lighting - Specialty LED and Fluorescent Fixtures

Blackjack Lighting - Specification-grade decorative LED for residential and commercial

Bodine - Emergency Fluorescent Battery Packs

Brownlee Lighting - Decorative, specification grade LED lighting at affordable price points. Interior and exterior. Since 1977

Canarm LTD.

Canlet - Industrial Fluorescent

Carmanah Technologies - Solar LED Outdoor Area Lighting

Cavawood - Architectural Wood Poles

Chameleon Lighting - High End, High Performance, Decorative LED Lighting Systems

CHM Industries - High Mast and Sports Lighting

Cole Lighting - Custom & Specialty Commercial Lighting

Con-Tech Lighting - Decorative Track, Glass Pendants, Recessed, Sconces

Cooper Controls - Innovative Lighting Control Solutions

Cooper Lighting - Cooper Brand Lighting Fixtures

Corelite - Architectural Linear and Ambient Lighting

Cree Lighting - LED Lighting Solutions

Crestron - Lighting & Shade Controls

Cyclone - Outdoor Decorative and Ornamental Lighting

D'AC - Decorative sconces and pendents

Design Plan - Innovative LED, HID, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting for indoor and outdoor

Design Pole

Digital Lumens - Intelligent Industrial LED HIGH BAY Lights & Lighting Systems

DM Lighting - Decorative Pendants, Wall Sconces, and Exterior Wall Sconces


Electronic Theater Controls - Stage Lighting and Theatrical and Architectural Dimming Controls

Elio / ITC - Illuminated safety, mirrors, RBG and static flex, refrigeration / food service.

ELP Lighting - Superior interior and exterior lighting

Energy Focus LED - Fiberoptic and LED Lighting Systems

Engineered Lighting Products - Specialty LED Lighting

Esco Lighting, Inc. - HID Indoor/Outdoor and Custom Lighting

Eureka - Decorative Pendants, Sconces, and Downlights

Excel Dryer - Innovative Hand and Hair Dryers

Exitronics - Life Safety Emergency Lighting

Fail-Safe - Security, Healthcare, and Cleanroom Lighting

FC Lighting - Architectural LED Lighting

Filix - Innovative architectural LED

Fluxwerx - Innovative Architectural Solutions

Focus Industries - Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

G Lighting - High Quality Architectural Lighting

Gantom Lighting - Compact, Rugged, and Controllable LED Lighting

Halo - Recessed, Track and Surface Mounted Lighting

Hapco - Decorative & Commercial Aluminum Light Poles

Hemera Lighting - High Quality Decorative Lighting

Hess America - Premium Outdoor Decorative Lighting, Railings, and Benches

iLight Technologies - Decorative LED Lighting Systems

Indatech - Hazardous and Industrial Lighting Products

Indessa Lighting - Distinctive Commercial Grade Sconces

Inter-Lux - Tools for Lighting

Intrigue Lighting - Architectural, pedestrian-scale, exterior lighting fixtures

inVUE Lighting - Architectural Grade Exterior Luminares

IO Lighting - LED Railing, Cove, and Landscape Lighitng

Iris - Architectural, Residential and Commercial Recessed Lighting

Isolite - Self Luminous and LED Life Safety Products

JLC-Tech - Next generation green lighting solutions

Klus Design - High quality, modular component systems to integrate flexible LED circuits into everyday living space.

Kurtzon Lighting - Surgical and Complicated Environment Lighting

Kuzco Lighting - Decorative ACDirect LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Lamar Lighting - Providing energy saving solutions since 1957!

LED Lighting Inc

LF Illumination

Lightheaded (Dasal) - Architectural and specification grade lighting

Lighting & Lowering Systems - Luminaire Lowering Systems

Linea Light iLED - Architectural & Commercial LED lighting

Linear Lighting - DIrect/Indirect and Ambient Lighting

Louis Poulsen - Distinctive High-Performance Architectural Lighting Solutions

Lumark - Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Lumen Pulse - Interior and Exterior Architectural Solid State Lighting Luminaires

Lumenarea - A brand of Lumenpulse, offers variety of sustainable, high-performance luminaires for wide range of outdoor applications.

Lumenoptix - Specification grade LED fixtures and retrofit solutions

LumenWerx - The fresh face of LED Lighting - Distinctive and Mysteriously Luminous

Lumiere - Landscape, Area, and Accent Lighting

Luminaire Lighting Corporation - Vandal Resistant Lighting

Manning Lighting - House of Worship and Decorative Lighting

McGraw-Edison - Outdoor Utility and Commercial Lighting

Metalux - LED and Fluorescent Ambient Lighting

Millerbernd - Quality Steel Lighting and Traffic Signal Poles

Moda Light - Innovative LED Lighting

MP Lighting - Architectural LED fixtures, low voltage and line voltage track systems

MWS - Modular Wiring Systems

Neo-Ray - Innovative specification-grade, fluorescent and LED architectural luminaires

Neptun Lighting - US Manufacturer of Energy Conservation Lighting Products

Nulite - Under Cabinet, Sconces, and Specialty Lighting

Online Power - World-class designer and producer of power protection products.

Optimal LED - Commercial / Industrial LED fixtures & Retrofits

OptoLum - Low Profile, High Output, Precise White Linear

Orion Lighting - Commercial / Industrial LED High Bay and Linear Fixtures; Contractor Friendly Retrofit Kits; Trusted American Partner

Oxygen Lighting - Contemporary Lighting

Pathway the Lighting Source - Architectural and commercial LED downlights, cylinders, decorative high bays and emergency lighting

Pinnacle Lighting - High Performance Architectural Lighting

Portfolio - Specification Grade Downlighting

Prudential Lighting - Direct/Indirect and recessed lighting solutions

QualArc - Residential Illuminated Signage

RSA Lighting - Decorative Track, Downlights and Specialty Lighting

Sattler - Light in new dimension

Schmitz - Architectural and integrated lighting systems

Selux - Contemporary Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Shaper Lighting - Sconces, Ceiling, and Pendant Mount Fixtures

Sirius Lighting - Mono Rail Track Systems

SLV Lighting

Solais - High quality LED replacement lamps

Solar Path - Grid-independent Solar Lighting Technologies


SPI - Performance lighting systems

SSL Lighting - Energy Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Sternberg - Outdoor decorative and ornamental lighting fixtures

Stile - Linear lighting solutions

Streetworks - Outdoor Roadway Lighting

Strong Entertainment Lighting - Follow spots and special effects lighting

Sun Valley Lighting - Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Sure-Lites - Life Safety Lighting Lighting

Targetti Lighting

Techline Sports Lighting

Tegan Lighting - Ornamental LED Technology

Tenmat, Inc - Fire-rated Fixture Protection Covers

Times Square Lighting - Track and Speciality Lighting

Tivoli - Decorative, Aisle, Cove and Specialty lighting

Traxon e[cue - Interior and Exterior Architectural Solid State Lighting Luminaires

Truly Green Solutions - Leaders in high quality LED retrofit products

Universal Sports Lighting - Sports Lighting

US Architectural - Decorative and Area Lighting

Utility Structures - Decorative Concrete Lighting Poles

V2 Lighting Group - Modern, interior and exterior LED cylinders, pendants, sconces and linear luminaires built with precision engineering

Vantage Luminaires - Commercial Downlighting

WattStopper - Commercial Lighting Control Sensors and Relay Panels

Whitegoods - Seamless integrated lighting

XLEDs - Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Zumtobel - Innovative LED lighting solutions and interiors lighting, lighting management

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